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The Grasshoppers

Mitch and I (Jenifer) have a summer business, Coastal Kayak, on the coast of Delaware. Our summers are crazy-busy with work. But our winters, ahhhh the winters, are when we can hit the road and do some exploring. We travel with our dog, Brandi, who doesn’t know she’s a dog, and our sweet-mean cat Taz.

Why are we grasshoppers? There exists basically two types of RVers: those that find a beautiful spot that makes them content and park and sit for weeks, months, sometimes years at a time; and those that find beautiful spots but are never content because there might be a more beautiful spot just a little further down the road. We, more specifically I, fall into the latter group – The Grasshoppers. Oceans, deserts, rivers, mountains, plains – there is so much to see! Why wouldn’t we try to see everything?!


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